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CNN’s former Travel Now anchor and Emmy-winning producer, Stephanie Oswald, serves as Editor-in-Chief and Renee Werbin, CEO of a national travel company, is our publisher.  The two met when Renee helped with the arrangements for a CNN special on Paris.  The idea for Travelgirl was born during a dinner in January 2002, and these gutsy go-getters have not looked back!

Improving your travels…and your life!

We are dedicated to helping every woman find her oasis – on vacation or at home, whether she’s planning for herself, her girlfriends or her family. We want to help the mother, the honeymooner, the executive and the curious globetrotter make the most of her travels. Travelgirl is heavy on personal travel experiences and advice for everyday living, with a dash of celebrity. Our magazine is written by globetrotting professionals as well as novice authors. The goal of Travelgirl is to provide resourceful tips and armchair escapes for improving the overall quality of women’s lives through travel.

Travelgirl Inc Team


Michael Morris

Renee Werbin

Stephanie Oswald
Editor in Chief

Robyn Klugman
Associate Publisher


Marybeth Bond
Marybeth Bond

Contributing Editor

Contributing Editor and National Geographic Author

Stephanie Oswald
Stephanie Oswald

Editor in Chief and Co-Founder

Co-founder, Editor in Chief and Emmy Award-winning Journalist

Renee Werbin
Renee Werbin

Publisher and Co-Founder

Publisher, Co-Founder and CEO of SRI Travel

Tonya Veal
Tonya Veal

Assistant to the Publisher

Improving your travels....and your life!



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