13 Best Fitness Apps

Want to Lose Weight and Get Fit? There’s an App for That!

Is there anything worse than discovering you can’t squeeze into your favorite walking shorts or swim suit? These 13 apps make getting fit a cinch whether you want to run, walk, cycle or work out excess pounds or use customized strength training program to shape your legs, sculpt your tush and tone and firm those flabby abs!

Get moving with Fitbit. Whether you choose the wrist-mounted Flex, the clip-on One or slip the Zip in your pocket, the apps work with your smartphhone to track steps taken, calories burned, food consumed and how many zzzs you get in 24 hours. As you change your habits and get healthier and morefit, the Fitbit monitors your progress.

Dump pounds and get fit with Lose It! It takes your profile and goal weight and puts together your personal daily budget. Set that goal, follow the budget, and start losing it now! Lose It! has a large, verified food database that makes counting and tracking calories easy. You can log past meals, input custom foods or search by brands.

Get a nudge with Human. If you’re new to fitness, this app will be the fitness coach you’ve been looking for. It encourages you to get off the coach and get moving outdoors. Whether you walk run or cycle, it will track your progress and let you brag about it on the social media of your choice.

Take a hike (and lose weight, too!) with MapMyHike. This app uses your phone’s GPS to track your moves. Map out a hike before leaving home, start hiking and the app will track your speed, pace, calories burned and what you eat en route.  With 70 million-plus routes, you’ll never be at a loss for somewhere to walk or hike and you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again! Or be brave and create your own route. The app also tracks what you eat so you can lose weight faster.

Turn fitness into a fun video game with Fitocracy. Bored to death with your fitness regimen? Fitocracy is sheer genius at getting you motivated. The app takes the addictive qualities of games like Pokemon and combines it with your workout.. As you complete your workout, you’ll receive “quests” tailored to your preferred activities, earn experience points, progress to new fitness levels and slay the laziness dragon. You can also make friends with other Fitocrats and participate in a fitness social network to increase your motivation and become more awesome. Named An App of the Year by Men’s Journal magazine.

Get a monster workout with Gorilla Workout, an app that helps you lose weight, build muscle, increase agility, and gain energy on a tight budget. It has 175 different bodyweight workouts with 40-plus unique exercises. Choose from four different fitness levels and signature workouts to get fit. Every exercise also has real-life video and text descriptions. No wonder Gorilla was named the Ipad app of the year in 2013 by Apple.

Walk your way to fitness with Accupedo, which measure distance, steps, minutes, calories or laps around a standard track and tracks your progress over time

Kick butt with the Boot Camp Challenge. Get lean, strong and fit with an app that features more than 200 exercises and beginner to advanced routes using beat-sync technology that matches the tempo of your music to your workout.

Count calories and lose weight with My Fitness Buddy, an app that tracks your moves and caloric intake. You may be shocked to discover you’re eating a lot more than you think! The food diary measures ever bite, gram of carbs, fat and protein you eat with no fuss or hassle and takes the mystery out of weight loss. It also gives you access to 1 million food items. Or add your own foods and recipes and access them from anywhere.

Get fit with Fitness Builder. With one of the most comprehensive fitness databases on the planet, this app lets you access a huge library of fitness images and videos, challenging workouts of all varieties, live personal trainers and also lets you track your workouts and progress.

Take a run with Nike+ Running and RunKeeper. If your exercise regimen revolves around running or jogging, these two apps let you map out runs, track your speed, distance and calories burned and  track your location using GPS. RunKeeper lets you keep and track your running stats and set goals, and has customized training plans and voice coaching.

Keep a personal trainer at your fingertips with Endomondo Sports Tracker. This app does all the usual stuff (tracks your heart rate, calories, speed and distance) and more: Enter your fitness goals and an audio coach will provide feedback while you exercise to keep you moving and motivated.

Be Your own Gym with You are Your Own Gym, which provides 200-plus video demonstrations and workout options. Create your own individualized workout for your fitness level with workouts that offer 81 different combinations per fitness level.

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