9 Foolproof Ways to Pack Beauty Products

Think you have packing down to a fine science? Think again! Preventing beauty products from spilling, exploding or getting lost in your luggage can require expert tips.

Travelgirl Packing Tips
What’s in your bag?

We talked to Rob Cassidy, president of Ebags, about the best ways to pack beauty supplies for the road to ensure your clothes and cosmetics don’t mingle in your suitcase with disastrous results.

Here are nine tips to follow:

1. Disarm your razor. OK Travelgirls, let’s get the dangerous stuff out of the way first and put a cap on that razor! The feeling of digging through your cosmetic bag to find your Chapstick, knowing your razor is lurking inside, uncovered, can be terrifying, to say the least — and does anyone keep their razor covers? To fix this, simply snap on a paper clip over your razor head. This will keep your blades covered and your fingers free from nicks and wounds.

2. Pack your eye shadows — all of them. Women love their eye shadow tablets. Unfortunately, they don’t fit safely into most travel-sized cosmetic bags. Here’s a solution: Before you leave, coat Q-Tips in your favorite shadows and toss them into zip-lock baggies. Coat more than one swab of the same color to be sure you have enough. You’d be surprised at how much color and powder a few Q-Tips can carry.

3. You can never have too many travel tubes. When traveling by air, liquids can be your worst nightmare. GoToob TravelBottles (www.humangear.com) are a great help. They hold your soap, shampoo and conditioner in travel-safe tubes and are TSA-approved so you won’t get stopped at security. And let’s be honest: Have you ever used an entire bottle of shampoo or soap while traveling?

4. Don’t lose those studs! Did you invest in the perfect earrings for your resort getaway only to find them lost in the abyss of your luggage? Keep track of your earrings by poking them through a hand towel. After you’ve loaded the towel, simply roll it up and place it into your cosmetic bag or suitcase.

5. Leave no bobby pin behind. Keep track of bobby pins by storing them in an empty TicTac® box. The dispenser looks like it was practically made for these things!

6. Say goodbye to exploding foundations. Remember the time you opened your suitcase and discovered your liquid foundation had exploded all over your favorite white dress? We feel your pain! Avoid this situation by investing in a small contact case. Even if you don’t wear contacts, contact cases hold the perfect amount of foundation for a quick trip. Fill both pockets with one color or mix it up and fill each pocket with a different color.

7. Separate pumps and polyester. Pumps and polyester do not play well together in a suitcase. Tuck your heels in shoe bags to prevent them from snagging on shirts, skirts and sweaters.

8. You can pack your perfumes. Keep your favorite scents safe on-the-go by using eBags Padded Pouches (www.ebags.com). Light padding protects your valuables from getting scratched and diminishes the impact caused by bumping and jostling items in your suitcase.

9. Keep necklaces from knotting. Who has time to untangle a necklace when traveling? Cut a straw and funnel it through the ends of necklaces to prevent them from getting knotted and tangled during travel.

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