Six apps to help you cope with current times

1 Instacart offers a personal shopper who will select, pack and deliver orders from a variety of stores (including Target, Petco, Staples and grocery stores) within a designated time frame. Enter your zip code and a list of participating stores will pop up on the Instacart app. Select your items and place your order. The benefit of the personal shopper is that if an item is out of stock or there’s a question about the order, the person will contact you for instructions. There are different payment options and tipping is strongly encouraged.

2 Uber Eats is just like the regular Uber except it delivers food instead of passengers. Go onto the Uber Eats app, select a restaurant and place your order. At the check-out, you’ll see your address as well as the estimated delivery time and total cost. When your order is complete, just tap “Place order,” and it’s done. You can use your Uber account to pay. Another benefit is that you can track your order and even see the driver’s picture and name on your app.

3 Grubhub is the perfect app if you want food delivered but aren’t quite sure what you want to eat. Enter your address and Grubhub will offer its own delivery service or will tell you what nearby restaurants will deliver and which ones offer pick-up. Grubhub features more than 300,000 restaurants in 4,000 cities. The app will also alert you to discounts or deals and there is an option to donate leftover change to the Community Relief Fund, which supports nonprofits that help hospitality workers impacted by Corona-19.

4 DoorDash is a popular app where you can order from local restaurants and they will deliver. There is an optional subscription fee with monthly specials and free delivery service for orders over a certain amount. A “Convenience” category was recently added, bringing 1,800 convenience stores to the platform, meaning quick access to everything from over-the-counter medicines, to paper products to ice cream (yes, sometimes that is a necessity!).

5 Postmates is a top delivery company that will bring food from restaurants, retailers and grocery stores and/or household items to your door in an hour’s time. It is in 80 percent of U.S. households, offers its services in 2,400 cities, features more than 600,000 merchants and has more than 500,000 in-app searches. Postmates offers daily deals and specials and also places an emphasis on local establishments with a special shout-out to Black-owned restaurants.

6 delivers food, alcohol or groceries to your door but will also pick up and deliver your laundry. Yes, you can put your dirty clothes into a bag for the “fold and wash” service or dry cleaning. does not charge for its services, so any delivery fee is from the merchant. A fun perk: consumers get 20 points for every dollar spent on the subtotal, and delivery points can be redeemed for credit, prizes or donations.

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