SavvySIX Roanoke

savvy SIX: Roanoke, VA

6 Reasons to love Roanoke, VA FARMERS MARKETS The Historic Roanoke City Market has been selling fresh fruits, vegetables…

you know you’re a travelgirl if…
You happily travel to four countries with only a backpack and a prayer.

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Paddle boarding in Tampa Bay

Visit Beautiful Tampa Bay

The hip, urban heart of Florida’s west coast beats in Tampa Bay. The perfect place for a girls getaway, Tampa Bay features the full mix of S…

you know you’re a travelgirl if…
Your kids know how to roll their clothes for efficient packing.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay: Serving up success

Meet the inimitable, talented and charming Bobby Flay, known for his frequent appearances on features such as the wildly popular Entourage a…

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