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april 9, 2015



Pick of the Week

II'm picky about shoes, but have found another brand that has won a place in my closet and my suitcase. The shoes from Aetrex come in several cute styles, from sandals to flats to heels that are the right height for me to still walk without wobbling. The shoes are designed by doctors and pedorthists so are great for people with painful foot conditions. I plan on packing a pair of the Emily Rose thongs in gold for my trip next weekend to Charlottesville. Available for men, too. Pictured is the Selena for $79.95.

Dirty Girl Mud Run

Grab your girlfriends to get down and dirty with you by participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, a 5K obstacle course made all the more challenging by the presence of lots and lots of mud. The Mud Run tours the country, with its first stop in Atlanta April 25, followed by 13 more stops on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Part of the proceeds goes to breast cancer charity organizations in each community. It's appropriate for all fitness levels, and you'll have plenty of fellow runners cheering you on.

Campowerment mini camps

I discovered grown-up camp and sleeping in a bunk is still fun when I attended Campowerment, a three-day camp for women held in several locations around the country. Three more camps are scheduled for 2015. To find out if it's for you, attend one of the 3-hour mini camps in a city near you. There'll be games, appetizers, and yes, cocktails. Mini camps will be in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois. Find out more here. Click here to read the article on Campowerment.