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january 30, 2015



Pick of the Week

We just discovered the gorgeous bags from Robert Matthew and are loving the beautiful styles and colors. The Sophie Shoulder Tote comes in nude or tan, is large enough to carry all my essentials on a trip, including my iPad, and comes with a handle drop and detachable shoulder strap. I love the more vertical shape on this one, which makes it easier to walk down narrow airplane aisles and refrain from bumping people in crowded venues. And although they look like quality leather, they are actually made from faux leather, so they are animal friendly, too. Prices start at $138. (Act quickly because a lot of styles are on sale.)

Lizard Bites & Street Riots

I'll never forget going to the rainforest of Belize and realizing I was the only one in the group who had not even thought to consider preparing myself with medicines for the trip. You can feel more prepared no matter where you travel in the world with this new book, Lizard Bites & Street Riots: Travel Emergencies and Your Health, Safety & Security. Learn why you need medical evacuation coverage, what to do when you have a dental emergency or suffer a physical attack and how to stay safe, whether you are in a taxi or earthquake. The book is written by Dr. Michael Manyek, Rear Admiral Joyce M. Johnson and Warren Young, whose global knowledge and combined experience provide a valuable resource to any traveler. $25.

Get Outfitted

Buying and packing for a winter outdoor ski or snowboarding trip is expensive and time-consuming. The next time you're hitting the slopes, try Get Outfitted, a website where you can rent whatever you need and have it delivered directly to your hotel or resort for free. When your trip is over, put the clothing in a prepaid mailer bag and leave it at the front desk or drop it in a mailbox. A woman's standard outfit includes pants, jacket, gloves and goggles for $90 for a three-day rental. Brands include Marmot, Nike, The North Face and Patagonia.