2017 Travel Trends

We all welcome 2017 with open arms. It’s time to renew our zest for life and travel. Here are five predictions from our editor-in-chief.

Crazy for Cruises

2016 was a stressful year. There was too much politics and too few random acts of kindness. Lots of folks want to completely unplug, and for many travelers, the ocean is the answer – but not just a beachside hotel! On a cruise you can do as little or as much as you want. Simply knowing that you are miles away from land can do wonders for the soul.

Bucket List Buzz

A decade ago, no one talked about “bucket lists,” but now it seems everyone’s transferring their wanderlust to a list – and globetrotting grandparents want to get in on the act too! Boomers and Millennials are helping their parents make travel dreams come true with multi-generational adventures. Travel can be the ultimate form of family bonding.

Will Travel for Food

More than ever, we’re letting our stomachs choose our destinations. Culinary schools are popping up all over the place and even tried-and-true foodie meccas, such as New Orleans and New York, are ramping up their game with intriguing specialty tours and tourism campaigns focused on pleasing the palate. Travelers are planning weekend getaways that revolve around securing a highly desired reservation at the latest “it” restaurant.

Europe: Always in Fashion

Our love affair with Europe is eternal! Domestic travel has been in the spotlight for some time, but heading into 2017, passport use will be on the rise, as travelers push aside economic concerns and seek the opportunity to experience the joie de vivre found only in Europe. Seasoned travelers are booking trips to their favorite European capitals and will be reminded why they fell in love with the continent in the first place.

Say Yes to Yoga

Whether it’s plank, cobra pose or downward dog, yoga – especially in an exotic locale – is commanding our attention. Women and men are seeking solace in structured programs that also leave time for personal reflection. When your sun salutation happens at sunrise with a stunning view of a glistening lake or magnificent mountain range, you’ll undoubtedly leave with a refreshed outlook on life. Find your inner goddess and take on the world, travelgirl!

Stephanie Oswald Langlois

Editor in Chief and Co-Founder

Co-founder, Editor in Chief and Emmy Award-winning Journalist

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