Chateau Elan Reaches for the Stars

Isn’t star gazing fun? It gets better if you are outside around a fire pit with a glass of wine at a beautiful resort as an astronomer points out the constellations. That’s exactly the experience at Sunset Stargazing at Chateau Elan, a 3,500-acre resort and winery located near Atlanta. Explore the North Georgia night sky with professional telescopes as the stargazing instructor points out star constellations, planets in orbit and other lunar objects. Event dates are set to correspond with the monthly moon cycle and other celestial phenomenon and will take place Sept.13th: First Quarter Moon; Oct. 8: Draconid Meteor Shower; Oct.13th, First Quarter Moon; Nov. 11, First Quarter Moon; Nov. 19, Partial Lunar Eclipse and Dec. 11, First Quarter Moon.
   This 60 minutes event takes place shortly after sunset and guests will have a short intro into stargazing, a brief explanation of the equipment and an overview what they’ll be viewing in the sky. Chateau Elan is reminiscent of an elegant French country estate and is one of the largest and most awarded wineries on the East Coast with more than 30 wines produced. Other activities include golf, spa, tennis, wellness classes hiking and bikingComplimentary for guests.

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