GMC Canyon 4WD Crew Cab

The GMC 2021 Canyon 4WD AT4 Crew Cab is perfect for going off the grid and escaping into nature. This truck is built for adventure. It handles mud, potholes, hills and rough roads with ease. Several standard features facilitate the off-road adventure. For instance, the Advanced Hill Descent Control System with antilock braking provides a smooth descent in rough terrain that allows you to go downhill with confidence and, we dare say, with a little fun. It also has StabiliTrak® ElectronicStability Control that can tell the difference between the road and the direction the truck is actually going, and keeps the vehicle on the straight and narrow by using the brake and adjusting the engine’s torque. Other standard equipment that will thrill outdoor enthusiasts are the transfer case skid plate that provides addition protection when off the beaten path, four-wheel drive system with Eaton G80 Rear Automatic Locking Differential and 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac® tires fitted to 17-inch wheels.
   If this midsize pick-up truck does it all in the wild, just imagine how great it is in the city or suburbs. The answer is, pretty darn great. This is powerful truck with best in class 308 horsepower V6 3.6L engine and can get 19 miles per gallon combines with 17 in the city and 24 on the highway. Overall, that comes down to 5.3 gallon per 100 miles with an annual fuel cost of about $2,150.
   GMC introduced the 2021 Canyon AT4 this year and it is aimed at the premium midsize truck customers who want to go off road, use it for work and also pick up the kids. Increasingly  families are buying trucks as their first or second vehicle and this Canyon is a perfect fit. You can tell that it is meant not just for the outdoors by its stylish, sculptured look. There are signature chrome accents and while the imposing grille is still there, it is a more layered pattern with black inserts. We also really loved — and needed — the 5-inch chrome assist steps that lit up at night to help us get into the front seat.
   The interior is refined with bold stitching and open-pore ash trim. Adding to the style and comfort are jet black front leather seats with heated driver and front passenger seats and heated steering wheel. Even in the South, a heated steering wheel is a wonderful luxury option. The interior is functional and comfortable with lots of pockets and storage spots that will handle everything you need to put away. There is even under-seat storage thanks to a large plastic bin under the rear seat.
    There is comfortable seating for five and everyone has, not only a great seat, but thanks to wide windows, a perfect view of the scenery. We were also pleasantly surprised by how quiet the cab was, thanks to an inlaid door design, triple door seals, liquid-applied sound deadener  and shear-style body mounts. It really provided for a peaceful ride. But, if you want some tunes or news, the 8-inch diagonal GMC Infotainment System with Navigation delivers a clear outstanding sound with easy-to-read soft touch icons.
    But it’s the handling that counts and we were surprised with its nimbleness and ease of driving. The elevated suspension made going over pot holes barely noticeable. Even parking was a breeze. We loved the available driver alert package that included Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Rear Park Assist. The available high definition rear camera was clear and located directly behind the vehicle that provided the best view when backing out. Like we said, we were in an out of parking spaces with a few turns of the wheels — and no anxiety!
    The list price for this all-wheel drive beauty is $40,000 and ours came in at $43,230 with the added infotainment system and a few other add-ons.

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