How to Be Italian

You don’t actually have to be born in Italy to live like an Italian. That’s according to journalist Maria Pasquale, a first-generation Italian who left her native Australia to reclaim her heritage. How to be Italian is a delightful book that celebrates the Italian lifestyle — an education in drinking to savor the moment, traveling indulgently and cherishing food and culture.
   According to Pasquale, Italians are guided by the principles of beauty, passion, excellence, resilience and pride. They live by three principles: dolce far niente, which is best described by the art of being idle; la bella figura, which is all about comportment and making a good impression; and sprezzatura, which is the effortless way in which Italians carry themselves with a spontaneous, seemingly unplanned beauty and elegance.
   After reading this book, you’ll want to book the first plane to Italy, but even if you don’t, you’ll learn how to live la dolce vita — the sweet life. $30.

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