IZO Tequila Wins Tequila of the Year

Cinco de Mayo may be over, but let’s face it, we don’t really need an excuse or holiday to enjoy tequila. While tequila is amazing in margaritas, the true test is drinking it straight and if you’re looking for a great-tasting tequila, the London Spirits Competition just picked 100% Agave tequila Extra Anejo Cristalino tequilas as the Tequila of the Year.
   The competitive tequilas were ranked in taste, presentation and value and the tequila, which is part of the  IZO spirits collection known for its award-winning mezcal, is already becoming a classic spirit. The  mezcal is blended and distilled from wild harvested agave picked by jimadores in the hills of Durango.  A jimador is a farmer who harvests the agave plants and must be skilled enough to identify and pick only agave that is ripe, which usually takes 8 to 12 years. The hearts of the Weber Blue Agave go through a special roasting process featuring organic oak and volcanic lava, which results in a distinctive smokey taste. When mixed with well water, it balances the sugars, which results in prestine quality and flavor.
   Among the many factors that led to the honor were that the judges considered value and appreciated that IZO Spirits Extra Añejo Cristalino Tequila adheres to a national government-issued Appellation of Origin that legally recognizes the locale as the only Mexican state where tequila may be produced.
   Founded by Gaston Martinez, a native of Durango, Mexico, IZO Spirits is a collection of premium, handcrafted sustainably produced agave spirits made according to centuries of tradition. Made sustainably from slow-roasted, wild agave hearts harvested on local ranches, every sip of award-winning IZO Mezcal speaks to generations of Mezcaleros bringing people together around shared values of community, celebration, and savoring the reward of a job well done.


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