Kansas City museum tells story of WW I

World War I ended on Nov. 11, 1918, but the repercussions of the war that is called the “War to End All Wars,” are still being felt today. A good way to understand the war is by a visit to the National WW I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO.
  Designed to be of interest to children, veterans and history buffs, the museum’s collection of World War I objects and documents is the most comprehensive in the world and its exhibits feature interactive and immersive elements throughout, including the new experience, War Remains.
  War Remains is an immersive virtual reality experience that transports viewers to the Western Front of the First World War. Through stunning visual effects, powerfully designed sound and a custom set, guests feel the trench and experience the vibration of the floor as explosions surround them.
  In 2004 Congress designed the 80,000 square-foot building as the official WW I museum, and since then more than two million people have visited. One of the highlights is a French-made Renault FT-17 tank used by the Americans that has a gaping hole in its flank, the result of a hit from a German shell. Another are life-size trenches with ground-level views into six different trench scenes with actual objects in place, recorded statements from the writing of participants and relevant ambient sounds. It also has a walk-in crater that illustrates the devastating effects of a 17-inch howitzer shell struck a French farmhouse.
  Not only is the museum fascinating, but the grounds are an experience in itself. With the 217-foot Liberty Tower – which is illuminated at night – overlooking its peaceful, park-like setting, the museum’s campus provides a green and stunning location for picnics, evening strolls and memorable vacation photos.  

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