Re-visit the Londonderry sites of the Derry Girls 

We love tours where we can see the actual places where our favorite shows and movies were filmed. For instance, there’s the Sex in the City tour in New York City,  and Notting Hill tour in London. So we’re thrilled that several tours are available showcasing a favorite Nextflix sitcom, Derry Girls.
   Derry Girls follows the lives of four teenage girls and a boy in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, during the last years of the “Troubles.” Many of the scenes were based on Creator Lisa McGee’s experiences, and most of the filming took place in her home city.
   Becoming another character, the historic city walls, various streets and shops, the Bogside area and iconic landmarks such as The Guildhall, Long Tower Church and Free Derry Corner were regularly used as a backdrop to the hit show.
   Now that the show has ended, a collection of themed tours and food experiences were created to delight fans and allow fans to re-live the antics of Derry Girls in the city that starred as itself.
   The must-do themed experiences include a walk in the footsteps of Erin, Orla, Michelle, Clare and James with real Derry girl, Charlene McCrossan of Martin McCrossan City Tours. The walking tour takes in most of the locations filmed in the city, including the famous Derry Girls Mural.
   Fans will also love a Derry Girls Food Tour, where they whip up their very own cream horn at Doherty’s Bakery, and enjoy a flaming sambuca at a local bar. Be sure to head to the Derry Girls Mural – the city’s most selfie friendly spot – and grab a cone at the ‘Dairy Girls’ ice-cream parlor situated beside it. A great selfie with the official Derry Girls Smash Hits cut-out can also be captured at the Visit Derry Information Centre, which also has loads of Derry Girls memorabilia and fascinating interactive installations on the rich history of the Walled City. #greenbutton

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