Subaru Legacy: A Sedan that has it all

There are so many Subaru Outbacks and Foresters populating car pool lanes and soccer parking lots that it’s easy to forget that Subaru also offers sedans, and the Subaru Legacy is a mighty competitor in the sedan segment.
   Subaru is known as a safe car; it’s become the de facto family vehicle. The the same reasons why Subaru’s SUVs are popular with families, are the same reasons why the Legacy should be popular for those wanting a stylish, safe vehicle that is reliable — and fun to drive.
    Depending on the trim selected, the Legacy’s price can range from $22,895 and goes all the way to $36,145 for the Legacy Touring XT, which is similar to the $34,445 turbo-charged Legacy Limited XT but with a 180-degree front view monitor and a Sierra Tan Nappa leather upholstery. It’s the only vehicle in its segment to feature all-wheel drive as standard equipment. We drove the Limited XT and it was a delight; it truly represented the best of Subaru in terms of safety features, technology and style.
   The car is a looker, sleek with LED fog lights and welcoming lighting. It just gives a warm feeling when soft lights illuminate the door handles, the navigation systems and other little nooks and crannies — you really feel as if the car is saying “Hello, friend. Let’s go have fun.”
   And, fun will be had. We were cruising down the interstate when our car fanatic 28-year-old turned and said “This car is smooth.” It is thanks to its 2.4L direct injection 260 horsepower turbocharged DOHC with 16-valve boxer engine, and four-wheel independent suspension. The highway is your friend and zipping around street corners makes the trip to the grocery store even more fun.
   Aiding in the ride’s enjoyment is more legroom and seats that were well sculptured. We thoroughly enjoyed the manual thigh extension in the driver’s seat, a plus for taller drivers as well as those who need to stretch their bad knees out during a drive. Our car had a lot of luxury extras including leather seats and steering wheel and dual zone automatic climate control. One of the new fantastic features is a tablet-style 11.6-inch high-resolution touchscreen, the brand’s largest and most advanced system yet. The integrated center information display brings on-screen controls for audio, HVAC and vehicle settings as well as smartphone integration. Like a smartphone, the app icons can be moved around so that what you want the most is right at your fingertips.
   But as we noted, the drive is what it’s all about and the Legacy’s structure is stiffer and the strengthened suspension and lower center of gravity makes the sedan’s steering more responsive and provides for a smoother and quieter ride. Crash protection received a big boot as the new body absorbed more than 40 percent more energy in a crash.
   Many have written off the sedans as a dwindling market but dynamic sedans like Subaru’s Legacy will keep the sedan segment energized and popular. With 27 MPG and a price coming in at around $35,000 for the Limited XT, which has all the bells and whistles, the Legacy is not only a contender, but a winner.

Mary Welch


Editor, award-winning journalist and author

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