Toyota RAV4 Prime Sets a New Standard for Hybrids

Our first car was a Toyota Corolla and we’ve been fans of the brand ever since. However, it’s been a while since we slid behind the wheel of one, so we were more than a little excited — and hesitant — to slip behind the wheel of a Toyota RAV4 Prime to see if fond memories matched the current reality. And, they did! The RAV4 is textbook Toyota — a trusty car that is easy to handle, safe, has plenty of features, is fuel efficient and delivers on its promises.
   The all-wheel drive RAV4 is just right in terms of size— not overwhelming but big enough and powerful enough to carry around kids, dogs, luggage and groceries without feeling the car is straining. The 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine, plus the plug-in hybrid system with EV and HV modes, combines for 302 net horsepower and has a 3.3 kW onboard charger. For those looking to save the environment and money, the RAV4 Prime has an EPA-estimated 42-mile EV Mode driving range on a full charge, which means that if you’re using the car for runs to Whole Foods and school pick-ups, you could potentially never need to tap into the gas tank — let the electricity work its magic. For those who need to drive a bit more, the car — with a fully charged battery and tank of gas — has a total driving range of about 600 miles. 
   Many may still be unsure of a hybrid vehicle and may worry about the longevity of the battery. Fear not! Starting with the 2020 model, every Toyota Hybrid Battery warranty provides coverage for 10 years from the date of first use or 150,000, whichever comes first. 
   We have found that some hybrids may not have the best acceleration, but this RAV4 Prime isn’t one of these. The handling is superb — it quickly  showed a burst of power and speed on the entrance ramp to the highway and smoothly held its own on the highway. Whether on the highway or on city streets, the RAV4 Prime’s suspension is tight, balanced and provided a fun ride that was always in control.
    Inside, the cabin is comfortable and there is plenty of storage room. A 9-inch touchscreen, heated front seats and auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink, are among the many standard features. Toyota has always been lauded for its safety features and the RAV4 Prime includes Toyota Safety Sense 2.0: Pre-Collision, Departure Alert with Steering Assist and blind spot monitor.
    The suggested price is around $41,250, but we drove one with a premium package that added about $3,765 to the deal. Overall, the car came in (with a few other extras) at $49,633, which is indeed an incredible value. The RAV4 Prime an incredible car that delivers Toyota quality with a hybrid performance that is among the best — not only in its class — but for all hybrids.
    The RAV4 Prime is a shining star in the Toyota galaxy and deservedly so. It’s a terrific feeling when a brand delivers time and time again — and with the case of the RAV4 Prime — over delivers!

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