Travel Smoothly in 2017

5 Things To Do Right Now!

1. UPDATE YOUR LUGGAGE TAGS: Whether you check bags or carry-on, make sure every piece of your luggage is wearing a high-quality tag bearing the correct identification information. Business cards from two jobs ago or outdated phone numbers won’t help if your belongings get separated from you. January is the perfect time to update your tags (purchase new ones if necessary!) — and while you’re at it, label your electronics, eyeglass/sunglass cases, and any other valuables that are constant travel companions. Use mailing address labels (add your phone number) or tape a current business card where needed.

2. DO A TOILETRY KIT CHECKUP: Disinfectant wipes, makeup remover, dental floss, vitamins, travel-size toothpaste – is it all in there and ready to go? We’ll remind you to do this again in a few months, but make time now to give your essential carry-on a once over. Remove any loose receipts, expired items and anything else that shouldn’t be there. You might find those earrings or cufflinks you’ve been looking for!

3. BUY A NEW BAG: It’s never a good idea to bring damaged baggage into a fresh calendar year. If your favorite rollaboard has seen its last journey, say farewell and give yourself a post-holiday present. Don’t feel guilty — if you travel for work, this is not a splurge!

4. TAKE TIME FOR TAXES: When travel and work go hand-in-hand, it makes a difference at tax time. Before we get too far into the New Year, spend a morning or afternoon organizing what you’ll need in April. With 2016 still fresh on your mind, write down any travel-related expenses or incidents that may need special attention from your CPA.

5. PLAN A GETAWAY: All too soon our agendas will be overflowing with obligations, so plan a weekend of fun to add to the mix. Call a friend or favorite relative to get in on the planning. Tis the season for flash sales, so look online or call your favorite resort to see what deals the New Year holds.

Stephanie Oswald Langlois

Editor in Chief and Co-Founder

Co-founder, Editor in Chief and Emmy Award-winning Journalist

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