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Famed Chef Zahie Telléz Names Her Favorite Restaurants in Mexico City   By Zahie Telléz

Mexico City is a place where you can find the most varied and surprising expression of a vast cuisine. It’s been recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This tireless city, full of movement, color and flavor, offers an endless array of options ranging from eclectic markets to classic restaurants, hot spots in trendy neighborhoods and popular street stalls.

Zahie Telléz shares her gastronomic affections for chefs and restaurants that have filled not only her stomach but her heart.


I love this restaurant because it’s like eating at home. With 60 years in business and a seasonal menu that ranges from local classics like Azcapotzalco eggs to octopus, to the town’s best Chile en Nogada, this restaurant is based on old family recipes. Chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo reinterprets them impeccably, achieving authentic flavors of Mexico’s cuisine.

Its Mexican wine list has been recognized with the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator numerous times, and is ranked 37th on the list of 50 Best Latin American restaurants.

My favorite dishes at Nicos are the Pasta Seca con Natas and the Mixiotes.

Sopa Seca de Natas Nicos
Sopa Seca de Natas Nicos

Dulce Patria

Martha Ortiz was one of the pioneers of haute cuisine in Mexico City.  Like a beautiful sorceress in the kitchen, her hands create an alchemy of flavors and artistic creations. She seduces the city with her magic, mysticism and stories, which are unveiled in every ingredient that she uses and every dish she creates.

Her dishes care carefully prepared and artfully presented on an assortment of colorful plates and boards. From ceviches to quesadillas and salads, everything comes to the table looking and tasting great.

My favorite dish in Dulce Patria is the Qusadillas.


Josefina Santacruz is one of Mexico City’s best-known chefs. This enterprising and inexhaustible woman has given life to almost a dozen successful restaurants, such as Pámpano in New York and La Trufa, Sesame and Paprika in Mexico City.


Speaking about fine cuisine in Mexico City means talking  about Pujol and Enrique Olvera.
Over a decade ago, Enrique started offering a concept of avant-garde Mexican food based on world trends. He has reinvented Mexican cuisine and Pujol has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world. Enrique is one of the most innovative and influential chefs on the globe. 

Recently the chef fulfilled his dream of opening a restaurant in Manhattan: Cosme. It will soon be joined by his next project: Atla, in which he untiringly promotes Mexico and its ingredients. My favorite dish at Pujol is the Mole Madre.

Sud 777

Chef Edgar Núñez is a tireless creator of Mexican dishes. Edgar is constantly innovating, with new techniques and blends of flavors, and it is this genius that has earned him numerous prizes nationally and internationally. Recently, Sud 777 ranked 74th among the 100 best restaurants in the world, according to 50 Best Restaurants.
My favorite dish in Sud 777 is the Duck in Mole Negro.

Rock Cod
Rock Cod en consome de cebo

J By José Andrés

Jose’s kitchen is based mainly on Asian street flavors — dishes full of colors and spices, which explode on the palate, surprising diners. The menu is short, simple and masterfully executed. Their delicious cocktails are favorites of trendy Colonia Roma.
My favorite dish is the Pork Buns.

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