Cher: Glamorous, Gorgeous & Still Going Strong

    Photo by MCM/Machado Cicala Morassut

    She burst on the scene as part of a duo, captivating the public and launching a superstar career that would know no bounds. Her deep voice and unrivaled talent have made her a legend and we’re delighted to have her on our cover for an unprecedented third time.

   Cher is kind, gracious and philanthropic, donating not only her money but also her time for important causes. She has every prestigious award you can think of, and if you haven’t been able to catch her show in Washington, D.C., she continues to wow the crowds in Las Vegas this fall – giving you the perfect reason to plan a girlfriend getaway to capture a show at The Monte Carlo’s Resort and Casino’s Park Theater.

   I first interviewed Cher in 2004, for Travelgirl’s January 2005 cover. Fast forward to 2017 and have a look at our current cover; you will agree that this musical icon is truly ageless. She wears the passage of time with youthful grace. I asked her once what was the best thing about her career and she replied, “I guess the best thing about my career is the fact that I have lasted so long. I am always surprised.” It may be cliché, but it seems that the humble and extraordinarily talented Cher has genuinely been able to turn back time.

    Back in Las Vegas, Cher is the “toast of the town” with her highly anticipated debut at the Park Theater located in the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. AEG Live and MGM Resorts International are proud to present Classic Cher

   “I plan to make this my best show ever,” says Cher.

    From the moment she appears on stage she has the audience in the palm of her hands. This show is an extravaganza with constantly changing sets, a troupe of 10 nonstop dancers and bevy of phenomenal hits. Her friend and renowned couture designer Bob Mackie completes the extravaganza with sequined costumes that electrify the stage. There are 11 sensational costumes changes in all!

    This opulent musical spectacle is 90 minutes of Cher at her best. Longtime fans will applaud with ferocity and newcomers will be blown away. One look at the recent crowds and you can see she’s earning the adoration of a new generation of Cher lovers, you can see the younger set in the audience singing along in their seats. The must-hear standards are mixed up with some new melodies that bedazzle and electrify. The Beat Goes On as Cher delivers a powerful performance to her grateful audience, time and again.

    Off the musical stage, she’s starring in an animated Netflix show, Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh. The role was created for her and it’s quite a change of pace. She’s a pop star alien name Chercophonie with a song Ooga Boo. It’s yet another face of Cher emerging in the 21st century.

    On a personal note, Cher continues to support the Children’s Craniofacial Association. She discussed with me in 2004, explaining, “I played the mother of a child afflicted with this disease in the motion picture Mask. After the movie came out a mother contacted me and said that she wanted me to meet some of the kids afflicted with the disease. At that time the foundation for these kids was called the Cranial Facial Association and they were meeting in D.C. The mother was quite persistent. She won me over and I agreed to go. The moment I arrived and met the kids I was hooked.” 

   Cher never talks about her philanthropic quests; she quietly and benevolently helps others with a very generous heart. Through her Cher Charitable Foundation she supports numerous causes she believes in including Operation Helmet, and AIDS Research.

   With Cher, 70 is the new 40! She is paving the way for all of us with class, generosity and her inimitable style. Don’t miss your chance, travelgirls! Make plans to visit the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and witness Cher for yourself.

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Renee Werbin

Publisher and Co-Founder

Publisher, Co-Founder and CEO of SRI Travel

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