Chocolate from Iceland

Iceland is a unique place, so it makes sense that its chocolate would be a bit… different. That’s what makes Omnom Chocolate so offbeat and delicious. Created by two friends in Reykjavik, the bean-to-bar chocolate is produced in small batches and uses the highest quality ingredients. Single-origin cocoa beans from Madagascar, Tanzania and Nicaragua are used as well as natural Icelandic milk power sourced from more than 700 dairy farms across the Iceland. The sea salt is from Westfjords, where a 240-year-old process for taking seawater in the fjord and transforming it into flaky sea salt is used. There are several flavors including the more standard caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, but there are also more unusual ones including Lakkrís + seat salt, black n’ burnt barley and superchocoberrybareynibblynuttylicious.  $9.00.

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