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Who doesn’t love samples? It introduces you to new things without breaking the bank. That’s especially true with wine. In Good Taste offers an assortment of wines to sample without the pressure of buying and opening a full bottle — and it’s delivered right to your door. In Good Taste, founded by friends Joe Welch and Zach Feinberg, offers single-serving bottles from a variety of wines curated in areas such as California, Italy, Spain, France. Winemakers Matt Smith and Neely Ashley source the wine and curate a portfolio of high-quality wines into testing flights such as pinot noirs and classic wines from Italy and France. They’re perfect for gifts or indulging on your own. Among the brands are Wild Child, La Pluma, Passport and Andiamo. If you like the sample, you can buy the bottle from the company as well. Eight pack: $65.

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