The best seafood and meats delivered to your door

Who doesn’t love seafood, especially some of the more hard-to-find in one’s neighborhood grocery store? No problem. Atlanta-based Farmers & Fisherman Purveyors solves the problem by sourcing the best products from top-quality farmers and fisherman and then delivering them right to your doorstep. And, it’s the same with meat!
   What makes Farmers & Fisherman so special is their wide variety of options, including fresh Chilean bass, salmon, turbot, monkfish, squid and whole Dover sole, along with beef brisket, Wagyu beef, and veal rib chops — and our favorite, caviar. All products are sealed and sent quickly to customers across the country.  In addition, the online service offers a variety of bakery products, pasta, cheese, olive oil, pies, butter and truffle products. Corporate gift boxes are also available. Various prices.

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